I have done a 2-d picture of Tutankhamun and Akhesenamun
From a picture on one of the chests in KV 62

This is the lid to one of Tutankhamuns chest from his tomb.Itīs done in carved Ivory that is painted.
Tutankhamun is portrayed with a cane (just as Smenkhkare) he is leaning towards it while he is greating Ankhesenamun with an honory gesture.
She is offering him two big buquettes of Papyrus, Lotusflowers and mandrake fruits.A symbole of fertility and Love between the couple.In the picture they are standing in an abundance garden, and in the lower registre you can see one princess and one Prince ?(maybe two princesses, picking mandrake fruits)I donīt belive that this is servants because of the sidelock displayed on the girl to the left, and the other person/girl has his or her sidelock hidden.
I have done a fantasy painting of this picture, just for cheer fun.Sometimes itīs good for my artist heart to not have any pretentions.Just draw "away" with my hearts desire.
The interesting part of this picture is the Cane/stick/stave!!
At the moment Iīm intrigued by the canes of Smenkhkare and Tutankhamun.
If you look at this picture you see that tutankhamuns both legs have the same form, and that he really donīt uses the cane as a support.He seems to just hold it infront of him as a symbole.
The oposite situation is displayed at paintings and reliefs of Smenkhkare.
Click here to see pictures of Smenkhkare with his Cane and supporting wife
By the looks of the couple this chest would have been carved early in the regim, Ankhesenamun look very young..so does Tut.
Why does Tutankhamun have a cane?
There can be several reasons:
1)Tutankhamun might want to show his relation to the previous king, by carrying a cane.
2) the cane might be a real fashion thing in the Amarna court , caused by the sickness/lameness of the previous King Smenkhare, who might be the father of Tutankhamun.So tutankhamun could have a cane both for love for his father and as a fashionable detail of his "costume"
3) Tutankhamun could have had problem with balance or one leg, any polio is excluded because the mummy shows no problem like that.Nothing is obvious in Tutankhamuns mummie to what could have caused this problem.

* 2002-11-16 New facts about Tutankhamuns body has come.A new X-ray by specialsist shows that Tut actually was suffering by 2 ailment of the spine.( see the video/TV show "Who killed Tutankhamun")
1) Clictophile This ailment causes a fusion between the upper bones of the spine (Te neck)
This would effect Tutankhamun in 2 ways, One that he was prone to be killed easaly because a fall could cause the neck to break.And the condition of Tut īs neck meant that the fall could be a very small one, no great outer forces was needed to snap the Kings neck right off.
This condition would also mean that he couldnīt turn his head without turning his hole upper body, because the fusion of the bones in his neck made his head imobile.

2)Scoliosis a S curvature of his spine.Often an inherited disease.(commonly today as well)
Notice that one of the featuses in Tutīs tomb had this disease of the spine .This would be one proofe that Tut was the father of that child.
Scoliosis could lead to one shortned leg...and this would lead to a limp.
So this both condition of Tutankhamuns spine could explain /do explain the many sticks and cane in his tomb.
And this condition takes us a step closer to the possibility of he being Smenkhkareīs son. The probibility of Smenkhkare having a problem with his sceleton (clictophile or and scoliosis) is high, since he is shown with cane or supported by his queen in reliefs.

Itīs really nice to have my suspicions confirmed by scientist..but really people the evidence was there before the "new discovery"..You just have to look for them.
Lena Wennberg

I belive this is one of the most beatiful pictures of Ankhesenamun that there is,I think the image is at the height of an very romantic era.The lenght of her side lock is also the longest she is portrayed with, except for the head from Louvren that is not named.Click here to see the picture of "the Princess head" from Louvren
This is one of the reason that I belive that the head from the Louvre is Ankhesen,the likness with this portray is striking.
The NEXT link will take you to my colour portrait of Tiye in long wig, made with guidence from her little Ghurab head

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