Artistic reconstruction of dead Ancient Egyptians 18 dynasty

Welcome to my page that will try to make the dead mummy faces live again, or broken sculptures of Egypt have flesh and the breath of life again..

(Please excuse any spelling or grammatic mistakes at this page.)
I am a swedish artist that want to reconstruct the faces of the Pharaohs and their subjects, driven by my passionate interest of Ancient Egyptian history especially the 18th dynasty.

Click on the link below if you want to read more on how I do the reconstructions, and my thoughts around this work.

NEW PAGE!! The latest reconstruction of Kings House Painting. Akhenaten Nefertiti and their 6 daughters
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Help me !! Who is who amongst the Amarna family ??!!
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This is the face of YUYAs mummie a Noble man during ThutmosesIV and Amenhotep III gouverment.
He was more than a noble, he was the son in law to the Pharaoh himself as the father of Tiye ;Amenhotep III Great Queen.
His titles were: Gods Father,Masters of the Kings horses,Commander of the chariots,Chief Prophet of MIN, Superintendent of MIN`s cattles,One trusted by the King.
Hereditary Prince!!! ,Sole Companion ;Praised of the Good God (King),Beloved of the Lord of the Two Lands. (cite :tutankhamen by Christine el Mahdy)

He came from the nome AKHIM. He was a tall man by egyptian standards, his face shows his (probebly) asian herritage.And something more that interest me, he actually looks much alike his grandchild the Pharaoh AKHENATEN.The Pharaoh clamed to be "disfigured" by sickness.
Shall we see what I think he looked like?
This is the face of THUYU the wife of YUYA and the Mother of one of the histories greatest Queens Tiye,the wife of Amenhotep III.She worked and lived during Thutmoses IV and Amenhotep III regims.

THUYU was a VERY high ranked Lady in the court of Amenhotep, she was nothing like the women from nowhere and low social status that has been written before about her .
Her titles: Kings concubine, Mother of the Kings wife,Chief Lady of the Harim of Amun (This would mean that she was close to Amenhoteps III mother MUtemwiya as the reincarnation of MUT Amuns wife,and the first of the Harims ladies.)
Superintendent of the Harim of MIN.(MIN was a fertile God portrayed with his phallos erected)
Shall we go and see what I think she looked like when she was alive this bold and great lady?

Let me introduce you to AnkhesenpaAton the third daughter of Akhenaten and his Great Queen Nefertiti.
This beatiful sculpture was done by Djuthmose in his artstudio in Amarna.
The third daughter of Akhenaten was to become Great Queen to three men.
Her first man was Smenkhkare Djeserkheperure Pharaoh after Akhenaten he was around 18 years old when his Great Queen Meritaten died so AnkhesenpaAton was married to him.Ankhesen was around 11 years old at this time.
Shortly he also passed away (probably murdered or dead in the plaque)
then AnkhesenpaAton was married to Tutankhamun Nebkheperure the next Pharaoh around 9 years old.Ankhesen was around 12-13 years old.
As we all know he died young, and by a faience ring found she was married for a short while to the Next Pharaoh Aye probably her grandfather an OLD man.Ankhesen was around 22 years old now.
Nothing is heard from her after this...she disapeared from the scene. Lets go and see how I belive Ankhesen looked like.

Here is the Father of AnkhesenpaAton, Akhenaton the Pharoh of the Sun of the 18 dynasy.
He was the son of Amenhotep III and his great Queen Tiye
His great Queen are as famous as him , Nefertiti. With her he had six daughters.
He built a new city called AkhetAton in ancient times, today we know it as Amarna.
Akhenaton is belived to look rather peculiar, but as you see on this gipsum cast from amarna his face look normal.I think this Pharaoh was indeed handsome.
The early art from his regim is rather odd looking, but in later years his art style became more and more naturalistic.
Follow the link below and see how I think he looked in real life.

This is a Relief of Kiya a Minor wife of Akhenaton.
Her titles were : Greatly beloved wife of The King Of Upper and Lower Egypt, The Favourite , Kiya.
This relief show her picture after it had been change to a more MeryAton like image. Meryaton , Akhenatons oldest daughter took over Kiyas different monument in Amarna in the later days of the regim.
Some belive Kiya suffered a fall from grace because of this.
But nothing is for certain in the history of Amarnas last days as you will come to understand.
Kiya is portrayed with two daughters of her and Akhenaton named AnkhesenpaAton Tasheri and MeryAton Tasheri in one relief found in Hermopolis.
(Are those daughters the one maybe falsely clamed to be the daughters of Akhenhotep fathered with his won daughters, AnkhesenpaAton and MeryAton?)
Go to the link below to see how I have recreated this relief.

This page will show you the reconstruction I have done of the painting from MeryRes tomb in Amarna, showing a young royal couple.Identified as Smenkhkare and Meritaten.
The painting is debated because of the disapearence of the cartoshes of the King, stolen by thiefs.Later they were recovered.
You will also be able to read an article about this relief from EEfs archive by a link on this page.

See my fantasy painting with colored pencils of the ivory lid from Tutankhamuns tomb.The picture shows Tutankhamun and AnkhesenAmun in a lovely scene from a garden.
And read about my thoughts around the cane that tutankhamun is holding in his hand.

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