This is the daughter of Akhenaten the famous Pharaoh of the 18 dynasty whoīs Great Queen was Nefertiti.May I present AnkhesenAten. This page might take some time to load..please wait.

AnkhesenpaAtens name is spelled in different way, in the end of her Fathers regim the "pa" fell from her name. When she married Tutankhamen "Amen" replaced "Aten" in her name (AnkhesenAmen).
I guess she liked to be called AnkhesenAten, "living for Aten" her birthname.
She was the third daughter of Akhenaton and Nefertiti. The reliefs from Amarna always shows her as more lively and more full of mischief than her sister
(1.trying to grab her mothers ear rings standing in her lap , 2.holding on to a little gazelle in her arms during a high cermony durbar year 12 , 3. pulling her sisters dresses to get attention. 4. Trying to grab her mothers earrings for the second time as she stand on Nefers arm at the balcony,(As nefer and Akhenaten is giving golden necklaces to an noble man.)).
Maybe this is to point out her being the youngest of them three...or
to show the special wild ways of Akhenatens 3rd daughter.We can only guess.

This is my computer construction from the sculpture head above.
Painted with Photo Shop 4.0 in layer above the orginal sculpture.
I have had to guess that this is the face of AnkhesenAton by looking at the later portrait of her.This head was found in Djuthmoses studio at Amarna, one of the main artist of Amarna.
Its one of I think 3 similar heads,portraying the princesses.

One interesting fact was that one of the bust had 3 holes made in the ears for ear rings. Not just one.
The hair due is made from comparing the hairs of the princesses in different reliefs from amarna. All of them had this band of gold that kept the side lock in place.
As a grown queen AnkhesenAten still has this side lock in many pictures from Tutankhamuns tomb.But she was also portrayed in a full long wig..and in a short wig in nubian style. So I belive the side lock had more to do with her being the daughter of the King more than her age.
(Unamed) Amarna Princess head from the Louvre Museum in France
This is the orignal upper part of a statue that in time span according to the style of the artpiece fits a sculpture of AnkhesenAmen when she was married to Tutankhamun.
How can we guess that?
By looking at the eyes of the sculpture, it lacks the sunken almond shaped eyes that are typical for Amarna art, it has a more flat construction of the eyes typical for Tutankhamen art era.
But the piece still has Amarna trade of the face. This bust was probably made a couple of years after the death of her father Akhenaten.
It was hard to do this reconstruction , because the orginal statue was painted A LOT around the eyes.It was a heavy make up with Kohl that AnkhesenAmen had to show her people.
When I painted in the original lines it looked I had to paint the khole lines again and again to make the portrait look real. Other wise this is how the statue looked when it was new and freshly made. Egyptians painted all there statues , nothing of the original stone was showing.
so the egyptian art was much more colorful and bright than what we imagine it. Today we see statues and furniture without the strong original colors...

My own fantasy drawing.
This is how I imagine AnkhesenAmens golden inner coffin would have look like.
Itīs a scanned painting I have done in white pens of different hardness on a black cartoon. How do I know that this is what her coffin would look like?
By studiyng Tutankhamens coffin, his Queens funural art style would have copied his own style.It was tradition in Egypt to copy the way Pharaoh was portrayed. Every regim had itīs own characteristic.And the Queen would certainly match her Kings way of portraiting himself at the coffin.
First I painted Tutankhamuns golden inner coffin face, then I took the hairstyle of the coffin from Tomb 55 (Of the unknown royal person, belived to be either Smenkhkare or Akhenaten himself) and mixed this two in one painting.
Iīm absolutly sure AnkhesenAmen would have prefered the hair style of her fathers regim for her coffin.
go and look at my fantasy painting of Ankhesenamun and Tutankhamun .
The painting is done in coloured pencils.
Based on the ivory lid from tuankhamuns tomb.Click on the picture.

NEW PAGE aug 2006 Click here to see the WETNURSE TIA of Ankhesenamun. She is painted in one of my pictures of the GOLDEN SHRINE

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