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Collector and official member of
P.I.C.A. (UK) &
F.P.I.C.A. (Belgium)

(I think, therefore I ride)

About me

Who & where ?
I'm an English biker currently based just outside London. I have been biking for 18 years now and have had about 14 bikes (including the three shown here).
   My current ride is the Triumph Sprint ST, a nifty little buggar with a top speed of about 180 mph, police cameras permitting.
   I work as a freelance translator, writer and journalist and have lived abroad for 18 years on and off, incl. Denmark, Germany and Turkey.

When & why?
I started collecting a couple of years ago after making friends with a couple of MC cops in the States who introduced me to the world of police patches. Since then, I have started my own specialized collection

Mainly by attending swapmeets in UK and Europe and trading over the Internet with other collectors or police officers.

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