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Welcome! I am Lady Phineas. I am married with twin boys on the way. I love animals. I have 5 animal companions...Zena the dog, Champ the turtle, Drake the beardie, Hermit the crab, and Keychu the cat. My spiritual path is Egyptian Paganism. If I where to describe myself in just words...these words would describe me best: Intuitive, Telepathic, Spiritual, Empathetic, Sympathetic, Soulful. I am a seeker of wisdom. I have knowledge of deeper the unknown. My subconscious is a magnet for all abilities.

When doing a reading it is not based on the cards alone. Visions and feelings may come to me...through clairvoyance and clairsentience.

I am a Tarot and Oracle Reader. I am also a Spiritual advisor and counsler. I work mostly online...but I do work at my house as well.

My Rates are as follows:
For Email sessions:
+General & Detailed Tarot & Oracle Readings: $15.00
+Simple Question Tarot and Oracle Readings: $5.00
+Aura Readings: $5.00
+Past Life Readings: $20.00
+Daily Readings: $5.00
+Weekly Readings: $10.00
+Relationship Readings: $10.00
+Business & Money Readings: $10.00
+Life Path Readings: $10.00
+Nature of The Soul Readings: $10.00
+About Self Reading: $5.00

To buy a reading from me please use this link to be taken to the 'Buy Readings' page...
Buy Readings Page!

My live session(chat) rate is $1.00 p/m or $60 p/h.

Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Kasamba

I am not like most readers...out to get a quick buck. I am trying to make an honest living from a gift. That is why I do not charge way out prices.

Pics of the Decks Used

+The Vampire Tarot

+Healing With The Angels Oracle

I also use a deck which is strictly for certain spreads. For instance...a major arcana spread. Those are the three decks I use

Card of The Month

+Nine of Pentacles

This card represents an attained goal and success.

Divinatory Meaning:
Accomplishment, realization of a dream, travel.
Reverse Meaning:
A failed project, financial loss, a trap is being set.

+Archangel Michael

This Powerful Archangel is with you right now. He gives you courage and helps release you from the effect of fear

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