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My Grandma, Myra
Redgranite, Wisconsin - Where my grandpa, Clarence V. Fox grew up.
My Grandpa, Clarence
My Sister, Kelsey - Updated April 15, 2001
My Dedication to my Mom, Mary M. Fox - Updated 2001
My Dedication to my step father, Lon L. Lawrence - Updated 2001
A Dedication to God's Beautiful Country - Added on April 22, 2001
My Dedication to Flyer & Shadow - Meet Flyer and Shadow Lawrence!

My Visit to Arkansas - 1998
My Cat, Emilee
Old Family Pictures to Share
Have You Ever Felt Alienated? My Favorite Poems on the Net

Gronna Cafe - Donna & Greg Caudill's Homepage
Denise Cooper's Alzhiemer's Homepage
Susie's CP Page
"Author, Pilot, Adventurer"...My stepdad Lon's exciting website - Added on February 8, 2001
Patricia Home Page - Added on May 4, 2002
Patricia's Webrng Page - Added on May 4, 2002
My Friend Anita's Page 1 - Added on March 5, 2000
My Friend Anita's Page 2 - Added on March 5, 2000

Rock County Humane Society
Judge Judy

Thanks, Hope

Thanks, Allison at AllisonHeart

CounterThanks for coming and seeing my pretty smile! :0)

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