Rusty's Pit Stop


Congrats to Rusty on his 53rd win at the at Bristol!

Rusty and his Dad after winning the Pepsi 400
Welcome to Rusty's Pit Stop. I hope you enjoy your stay. I have been a Rusty fan since 1993, when I started watching NASCAR. I have 3 children, all 3 are Rusty fans like myself, even my 2 yr. old! My husband is an long time Earnhardt fan and we are all saddened by the loss of a NASCAR great.

I hope you enjoy my little tribute to Rusty here at Rusty's Pit Stop and hope you keep coming back! I have all kinds of things for you to see. I'll be keeping track of Rusty's progress throughout the season, so don't forget to visit the 2001 Standings page to see where Rusty starts and finishes at each race. I also have Info and Stats on Rusty, Rusty Pics and of course links to other Rusty and NASCAR things. There are also more pictures added 3/27/00 and last, but not least Rusty related wavs.Please sign my guestbook on your way out.

New paint scheme for Rusty! Rusty will be sporting another Harley paint scheme this season! A little different from last years Harley paint scheme.

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