**~**~ About Me ~**~**
                                              My Tatt's

I have many Tattoos, One piece being my Back, it is a Memorial to my Father. I have a gargoyle on the left outer thigh busting out of a castle. Both breasts are done, inner thigh is done, which also helps adorn my piercings. My right ankle is tatted also. My left ear also. MY favorite piece I would have to say is my back...

My Hobbies & Interests

Harleys, tattoos, and Bikers and the loyalty that goes with these people.

What Constitutes Sexy?

No one knows for sure how to adequately define it. It has something to do with the look in a woman's eyes, or the confident way she posses while being fully conscious of her intriguing sex appeal. But ultimately, it comes down to attitude... Having enough to rid all inhabitions to let it all hang out, tattoos, piercings and all.
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