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Okay...let's see, how could I possibly explain my horrid webpage maintenance? I am deeply sorry for not adequately updating this Keanu site at all for so incredibly long, but I have no excuse other than that life is chaotic and I simply could never find the time or energy to give this site the massive update it wants. Please accept my apology and I promise to be working on this site during the upcoming summer break that I will be getting off from school in about one month now. But I would also like to thank those of you for emailing for no other reason than to simply let me know how much you appreciate this site regardless of my lack of maintenance. It means a lot to me that this site is liked well and good, as I have worked hard on it.

Which reminds me...ReevesWeb has been online for one year now, having been established May of 2000! Thank you all for visiting and I hope you enjoy your surfing.

~ coming soon to ReevesWeb ~

- new polls
- more Keanu artwork
- movie reviews
- new photos
- audio and film clips
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