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More than anything, we love to be outdoors. Back during that all to brief period of time when our children were done with school and out on their own, we used to spend nearly every weekend (and as many weekdays as we could arrange) camping and fishing. Once we got away for a nine day backpacking trip and didn't see another human from the time we went into the woods until the day we left. What heaven! Now our lives are so full, there's no time for it. So I'm making this site to be there when I just can't take it anymore and have to get away. So welcome to our camp! Just remember to take off your boots before entering the tent and whoever wakes up first starts the coffee!
This is our home away from home - the TAJ. It's a three-room canvas palace with a covered 'porch', a living/dining area and a bedroom. It's also probably older than I am. I have collected Indian rugs which cover the entire floor (the reason for the covered 'porch') and a couple of small candle lamps a friend brought back from the Hopi. I spent one whole winter crocheting an enormous multi-colored striped afghan for our bed which, combined with a small kerosene safety heater, has kept us toasty warm even through an ice storm one New Years Eve!
The Taj has even stood up to a tornado that came through the the state forest where I was camping with a very 'citified' friend. It had taken forever to convince her that she would enjoy it (her idea of roughing it is no cable). But she slept ( i thought) through the wind, rain and trees crashing all around. It was only later she confessed that she didn't know enough to be afraid. Since I was silent she thought all thunderstorms sounded like that in a tent. Little did she know I was quaking in my sleeping bag, quiet only because she was and I didn't want to be the first to crack!. Of course, the ranger thought we were crazy when, the next morning, we were the only ones not packing up and leaving. But after they all chickened out we had the place to ourselves and had a wonderful time!
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We often take the little ones on their first camping experience. This is our niece Ashley with Richard on the left and Darlin' Granbaby on the right.
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