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The Dark Senshi Shrine

Hi! I'm your webmistress for today! You can call me *Kitty*.Welcome to my first of many shrines. This one is dedicated to the most mysterious Sailor Senshi, Sailor Saturn. I hope you like it and find it fun. Sign my guest book too please on your way out. ^;^ Well, anyways, the menu is below and feel free to take and PICS you like. Please don't take any of my written work (unless you plan to change it) because I worked hard to make it unique. Thankx! ^_^ And have a nice stay!


Profile-Hotaru's Profile *Bonus* There are Hotaru and Saturn animated GiFs here!

Gallery-A bunch of Saturn and Hotaru pics

Mythology-Saturn in greek mythology

Saturns I've Adopted-Oh! They are so cute!

Quiz-Find out how big of a Sailor Saturn fan you are by testing your knowledge!

Links-Link Me and look at some Links

Awards-Awards you can win and ones that I have won.

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