Chapter 1

“Wow Ms. Lina! For a little bit there I didn’t think you would kill him!” Amelia chimed as she skipped along the path.

“Yeah, and miss out on the pay? No way!”

“Heh… I guess that is true. As long as you remember the money you would kill anyone!”

Lina sighed in exasperation knowing that there was no way to win this fight without going violent. So instead of continuing the argument Lina adjusted her gaze to the surrounding area. It was a calm area covered in trees… to many trees. Lina just wanted to burn a few trees so that she could change the view she had for the past two weeks! How much damage would one fireball do anyways? Not enough to cause any harm and people always said that fire was good for the habitat. With her mind made up Lina mentally started to chant.

“Miss Lina look!”

Lina was forced to stop the chant and look in the direction Amelia was pointing.

“We’re almost there! I can see Atless City!”

“Yes!!” Filled with a new amount of determination, Lina grabbed Amelia and set a course to Atless city in a dead run, She didn’t even remember to finish the chant to start the fireball.


Lina looked around the room as she plopped down on a bed. “Well it’s certainly a nice place!”

“I agree Miss Lina! I mean look at this cute little doll on my bed! I’m going to call her Anne!” Lina could just imagine the doll screaming as Amelia cuddled it to death.

“Yeah, Yeah. Just don’t get to attached to it cause once this job is done we’re out of here.”

“Can’t we buy Anne though?! I don’t want to leave her all alone in this big place!!” Amelia had a look of desperateness as she said this and held the doll as if it was the end of the world.

“For some reason Amelia I don’t think ‘Anne’ is too afraid of that. Anyways we need to go meet this guy who is hiring us so that we can get started on this job.” With that said Lina and Amelia left the room.

“Argh!! That child is so annoying!! I won’t be able to get her smell off of me for a month!” The doll stood up and started brushing herself off in an attempt to get rid of the wrinkles in her dress.

“Yes well I don’t think you will have to deal with her too long!” Said a man in a black outfit as he transported into the room.

“Xellos! It’s about time you got here! What exactly are you up to?” Anne turned to face Xellos fixing an eagle’s eye on him.

“Now that is a secret! Just remember your job is to keep an eye on those two.” Xellos laughed at the doll’s irritation as he left the room. It was so much fun to leave Anne to doomed fates such as dealing with Amelia!


Lina looked around the office area. To the left and right of her were bookshelves and in front of her was a desk. Behind her was the door she really wanted to use right now because there was a high creep factor in this room.

“Ahh, ladies, please have a seat.” The man sitting behind the desk motioned to the chairs in front of the desk. With great caution Lina and Amelia sat down.

“As you already know my name is Lord Kanzeil. I wish to hire you to assassinate another man in the nobility. His name is Xellos.”

“We know that already.” Lina stated. “What we don’t know are your reasons for wanting him killed.”

“Call it a personal grudge.”

“We’ll need more detail than that for sure.”

“I’m afraid that is all you can be aloud to know. Plus who cares what the reasons for the assassination are as long as you get paid. Am I right?” Kanzeil finished with an inquiring look at Lina.

“Yes you are right.” Lina calmly said after a moment of hesitation.

“Hold it Ms. Lina! We must know why he wants this Xellos guy assassinated! For all we know the reasons for this could be evil and as a follower of justice I can’t allow myself to do something evil!” Amelia stood up in her chair and propped one foot on the desk as she began her justice speech.

“Do you really need to know in the name of justice?!” Kanzeil asked as he began to laugh, “Who cares about the reasons when you entire job is evil? No, I will leave you with the information you have and nothing more. Once you have killed him you will get your ten thousand gold coins. Good day ladies. I look forward to when you job is finished.”

“Good day Lord Kanzeil.” Lina said as she got up to leave the room.

“What? But Ms. Lina we can’t just leave and do the job! We must know the reason why!” Amelia hopped down from her stance on the chair.

“Amelia we are assassins, not heroes of justice like you want us to be.”


Lina opened the door and began to leave when Kanzeil stood up. “I forgot to tell you that I have hired another group of assassins who will also be trying to kill Xellos. If they make the kill and not you than they are the ones who will get the pay and not you.”

“What are their names?” Lina asked turning around.

“Why they are Zelgodiss and Gourry.”

Chapter 2

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