What Would Jubal Do?
Hi, My name is Jubal.  I am a Golden Retriever who lives in Fredericksburg, VA.  I have a sister named Penny and two brothers named Rusty and Jeb.
Thank you for visiting my website!  My Mom and Dad are always wondering what I am up to, so they came up with my new saying
What Would Jubal Do?
I decided to make a website and try to explain this whole WWJD thing.
I hope you enjoy the photos, some are Goldens my parents rescued and placed in new homes..
This is me and my siblings.
L-R: Jeb, Rusty, Penny, ME!!
What Would Jubal Do?
When the camera is out, I am a HAM!!
I told a joke right before the photo - Jeb didn't get the joke- can you tell?
This is a photo of me, my brothers and my new friend, Lucky.  He stayed with us while waiting to meet his new family. 
L-R: Lucky, Jubal, Jeb
Back: Rusty
This is Parker , our sweet little friend.  We will miss you Parky Park Park. 
What would Jubal do if his ball got dirty?
My visit with Santa with my siblings.
I'm smiling!!!
Here is a photo from 2000 - my sister needs to take some new pictures!
This is my cousin Boomer- he's a sable German Shepherd.
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