T h e   a r t w o r k   of   J u d i t h  H e r r i n g
Bare Naked Ladies
Ceramic Sculpture
Unified Field Theory inside!
Bas-relief Sculpture
Unified Field Theory inside!
Judith works in a wonderful variety of mediums, but all are distinguished by her virtuosity with them and her whimsical style.

At right are some of the different media she is working on them to open that gallery.

We are sure you will enjoy her show!  Feel free to email comments below.
Portrait Sculpture
Unified Field Theory inside!
Decorated Furniture
So what's new here?
Oh, lots of stuff! You've GOT to have a look at the Decorative Objects section to see the new
Heather's House sculpture! It's a brand-new ceramic cookie jar to commemorate her daughter Heather and Paul getting their first house.

There are four new sculptures in the Bas-relief section, all part of Judith's 'Tell me a Story' series...a series that book lovers will enjoy.
Booklovers may also like the quilt of the bookwoman in the Fiber Arts section also!

Another change is the sculpture page is being revised and split up into three sections: Ceramic Sculpture, Bas-relief and Portrait Sculpture- just to make loading and navigation a bit easier.

SMALL stuff!
Portrait Dolls
She'll create one for YOU!
Painted silk quilts
Fiber Arts
Judy's illustrative work
Paper Art & Collage
Hard to catagorize
Decorative Objects
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