Beadingaholics First Beading Contest!!

THE CHALLENGE: Create a NON-Jewelry item using your favorite medium. Please make sure to include at least a small percentage of jewelry making supplies such as wire, beads, clay, lampwork, etc, etc. There are no limitations on what can be made other than no jewelry or jewelry related items.

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First Place!! Entry #4

Entry #1
Budvase, Beaded with Peyote Stitch and Spherical Netting

Entry #2
She's my Winter Dreams doll, the first I've ever made. I started a year ago last winter, and I've only just now finished her. She's got pearls, crystals, and other beads that felt *special* to me. She's about the size of my palm, 3-Dimensional, beaded all over.

Entry #3
Christmas ornaments I made last year - Beads and wire, only.

Entry #5
Remaking a worn out pen ink-stained, broken zipper pull pencil case into something better as a gift for a friend.

Entry #6
Teaching an old dog a new trick. Created using stretchy elastic and a knitter or corker with 6 prongs and lots of beads. Can be used as a necklace as well.

Entry #7
All are created using beaded crochet and hair elastics. Worn double around a ponytail. Can also be used as a pet collar or bracelet.

Entry #8
Attached is my beaded emu egg, the egg is first bleached to a fine aqua, then pearlized. The egg is cut in half and a hinge ring put in to open the egg. The inside is lined with aqua satin. the silver lined beads are the netting with turquoise beads. The border above and below the hinge are glass fire polish a single lampwork bead from Austria is on the bottom center. the top is a gold and aurora borealis.

Entry #9 & #10
Here are a couple of non jewelry items I have beaded. The race was just finished last week for my daughters boyfriend who races and I did his car. The second is chocolate cake.

Entry #11
4" round paper mache craft store box, square stitch, Czech size 10/0 seed beads

Entry #12
This is a free form peyote bowl measuring 2 3/4 inches tall and 7 inches across the top.

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