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Disc golf is a blast, if you haven't played, it's a guaranteed good time.
My favorite course here in Sacramento CA is Orangevale Park
It is an 18 hole course winding through trees and it is located at the corner
of Oak and Hazel Avenues in Orangevale.
Another course with lots of grass and 9 holes of play
is located behind Del Campo High School in Del Campo Park.
I mostly use Innova Discs they retail here for about $7 per disk.


Slightly understable driver. The Cyclone has a unique
understable flight pattern in the fast part of its flight that
comes back very late in it's path.

My Prefered Driver.


Stable putt, approach and short drive disc.
Superb disc for the short game.

Consistent and durable flight characterstics.


Long-Range Drivers

Pro Range: 250 - 600 feet


Fastest long-range driver
Versatile for all levels of play

Innova's new Cheetah is the hottest new driver of '96.
It's making converts everywhere, because it grips great and
flies great. It may be the disc that changes your game.

at high


Best all-around, long-range driver
Flies long and straight
Best for long downwind drives

Great distance, greate control...the Raven has it all. With
lots of carry for extra yardage, it's great for players of all
skill levels. Makes a great roller, too.

high speed

low speed


Extremely accurate at high speeds

Innova's Gazazelle has already become the #1 driver of
choice. It's fast and controllable and canout perform any pretenders.



Great for low ceiling drives

The Barracuda is Innova's lowest profile, fast-flying disc.
When you're looking for distance into the wind,
pump the Barracuda.

high speed

low speed


Flies with lots of loft and a very long carry
Extra carry from side winds

A classic leader off the tee is Innova's Scorpion super driver.
The Scorpion is big and fast, and it goes a long, long way.

high speed

low speed


1994 World distance record holder
over 645 feet
(Not recommended for beginners)

Nothing beats a Viper into a strong wind. It's got super
speed and superior aerodynamic stability, making it the
#1 choice for gusty days.




Extremely fast wind penetrator
(Not recommended for beginners)
Best driver into the wind

This super-fast racer can beat any disc down any fairway.
It's small and easy to grip, and it can't wait to
leave the starting gate.



Mid-Range Drivers

Pro Range: 200 - 425 feet

Shark Best all-around golf disc. very accurate driver and versatile
approach disk. You can even putt with it

The best all around disc available today is Innova's Shark.
The Shark gives you pinpoint accuracy on straight or curving
shots.   A must for beginners.

Goes wherethrown


Best driver for right turns.
Excellent first driver.    Downwind drives

One of the all-time classic drivers, the Stingray lets you throw
farther than you thought possible. It's perfect for
rollers, too - mile after mile.




Easy to release
Great for players who prefer a shallower grip
longer downwind drives

The new Panther is a small, fast driver that's easy to handle
and easy to control over long distances. The extra high
dome gives it extra carry for longer shots.



Accurate medium to long-range driver
Easy to grip
Good light wind driver

Attack the course with the Innova Cobra. Superlong flights
like a Stingray, plus a little added stability.
And the Cobra's beaded rim gives you extra durability.




Big golf disc with lots of carry
Excellent first driver, easy to control
Downwind drives

The Jaguar is the perfect driver for new players needing extra
distance. A slow right curve, lots of carry, and a big
diameter make the difference.

then Left



Great for short drives and long approach shots
Use when accurate shots are needed
Good light wind driver

Depend on the XD for long approaches and medium drives.
When you need a straight flight, go straight for the XD.
It's a true, predictable flyer.



All around driver for advanced players
(Not recommended for beginners)
Great into the wind

The Roc lets you throw into any wind with confidence.
It's a legendary flyer that cuts right through the wind and
stays on course. A favorite of pro drivers.

high speed

low speed

Specialty Drivers

Pro Range: 200 - 400 feet


Light weight. Floats on water!
Not for gusty days!

Finally - a golf disc that floats! If you've been losing
too many discs in the water, you'll love the way
the Dolphin swims.



Super durable. Guaranteed unbreakable
under normal playing conditions.
Accurate driver

The super durable Hammer is tougher than any tree on the
course. It's a long, fast, stubborn flyer that will take a
beating and keep coming back for more.



Super durable. Guaranteed unbreakable
under normal playing conditions.
(Not recommended for beginners)    Great into the wind

The new Innova Griffin is a super durable, super fast driver
with the strength of a lion and the glide of an eagle.
especially good into a headwind.


Putt & Approach Discs

Select the best discs for your short game style


Most popular putter.
A very versatile golf disc that can be used
for almost any shot

Stick it to the chains with the Innova Putter. The Aviar design makes
it stable in the wind - soft Putter plastic makes it stay in the basket.



Excellent approach disc
Deep rim design for straight and predictable shots

The birdie Putter is the truest flying putter made today. Birdie putts
hold the line and drop straight, so you're always close to the hole.



Long range putter
Shallower rim than the Birdie
Easy to grip and throw     good light wind putter

The new Polecat is a popular choice for long-range and short-range
putting. it's easy to control and easy to throw, and it
knows how to find the pole.



Powerful putter   works best with lots of snap.
Thumtrac rim for added control
Not recommended for beginners   Great into the strongest wind

The new Piranha is a breakthrough in putting technology. It's new rim
shape makes it easy to grip and easy to release, making it easy
for you to lower your score.


No picture Available


Use this disc to GO-FOR-IT rather than to
Lay-it-up. Deep rim for added control reduces
fly-by. Thumtrac rim for added control



Excellent slow speed approach disc
Thumtrac rim for added control.

This is THE DISC to use for the all-important short game. The Zephyr's
unique new rim design makes it the most controllable disc for
any type of throw and any angle.


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