Probably best known as the creator of the Martial Arts/Philosophies surrounding JoDokkDo, Jodokkjitsu, Jodokkali, and Modern Martial Arts Academies, Dan Burrello has constantly tried to redefine himself throughout his life.  Sometimes successfully, sometime not.  He has, in the past,  been a Soldier, a Martial Arts instructor, a Father, a lover, a husband, a son, a friend,  has been, a cop, a nerd, a musician, an actor, a writer, skateboarder, businessman, a farmer, and a student (always).   He would be happy if none of these labels have stuck completely to him.   cr
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Shamanism, Comparative Mythology, Vedanta, Paganism, Thelemic Majick, Jodokkdo, Jeet Kune Do, Psychology, Writing, Kali/Escrima/Arnis, Writing, Horror, Film, Drumming, Amateur Rocketry,  Flying, Method Acting, Tantra, Ayahuasca.  Influences: Abraham Maslow, Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, Terrence McKenna's, Rupert Sheldrake, Neal Peart, Robert Anton Wilson, H.P. Lovecraft, Joseph Campbell, Robert Anton Wilson.
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Dan has a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing: Fiction. from Queens University of Charlotte
Dan has a Masters Degree in Counseling/Psychology at the University of West Alabama.
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Dan has a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Charter Oak State College, New Britain CT.
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