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Jenaka is Lakhota/Cherokee decent and her crafts are definetly Plains oriented. She was taught by her Lakhota Grandmother in the old way's and is following the traditional Lakhota ways.
Her familie originated on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and she still has relatives living there. Part of the profit she makes with her crafts are donated to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Elders Program. She is always willing to help her people, no matter the cost.
She spent most of her youth in Germany with her Mother and her adoptive Grandparents there. The other time, she spend with her Lakhota Grandmother and Cherokee Grandfather in southern Missourie where they had a small farm. There she learned to respect the earth and live for it. Her Grandmother was a good teacher in all things and she learned most of the craftwork from her. After High School, she worked as a Communication Specialist for the U.S.Government in the Pacific Theater and took time to learn some of the Craftworks there. Early 1973 found her back at South Dakota and on the Pine Ridge Reservation. She went into training with a very respected Medicine Man and was trained in the traditional Lakhota ways.
She also spend her time while on Pine Ridge, working for and with the people during the occupation.
In 1975 she went back to work for the Government and was send to Germany to work there as a Translator for the Military Police.She retired and came back to the U.S in 1986.
After retiring, she moved to Pennsylavania in March of 1986 and started her own Craft Business on the Eastern Pow Wow Circuit. She made many friends and learned a lot about woodland people. In December of 1996 she decided to come back home to the Plains and ended up in Wyoming, where she started out working for a Foundry as a Wax-Chaser. Early 1997, after she meet her now husband, she started her own crafts business back up. Together they travel on the Mountain Men Rendezvous Circuit in the Rocky Mountain area.
Since ManySkunks got sick in November of 2000, Jenaka has not been able to go to Rendesvous. She works out of their home and tries to keep the ship afloat. Now that ManySkunks is getting better, the hope is that they both can go back on the circuit and meet up with friends and familie. Jenaka has added beadwork to her inventory and also beating classes in loomless beading.
Stop by and chat if you see them at a show, or if you are in the area, give them a call and see if they are home, the door is always open for visitors and friends alike.
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