ManySkunks & Jenaka at the Rendezvous
In the summer months one will find them at Rendezvous in the Rocky Mountain area, from Montana to Colorado and New Mexico to The Canadien Border on the west side.
After almost 3 years of illness, ManySkunks finally is back on his feet. He is not 100% yet, but there are hopes that they are back on the cicuit for the summer of 2003. He is battling with Stillsdisease and is not looking forward to all the joint replacements that are necessary at this time. But that is a way down the road yet and in the meantime he will try to get the spiderwebs out of the forge and create small things to start with. They planning to attent a few Rendesvous this year. Hopefully you can find them between June 25th and July 7th in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado at Rendesvous. It is up to the health situation of ManySkunks on how many events they will or can attent, but then hey, they are at home otherwise and as always will welcome anyone coming by visiting.Both are looking forward to visit with old friends and catch up on happenings in the last 3 years and both are exiteted to meet new people and make new friends.
In the late summer months of 2003, ManySkunks took a turn for the worse and again, Rendezvous is out of the question for him. Jenaka is his one and only caregiver, so she has not had the chance to go out to rendezvous. We are now at the beginning of 2004 season and it does not look like they will be able to get out and visit with friends. ManySkunks has now both side hip and knee replacements done, doing somewhat better, but he still needs both shoulders and several other joints replaced or worked on. The disease is eating away on him and everytime they think that the end of the tunnel is near, something else will come to the forground and needs done. ManySkunks is totally disabled at this time, but still, he is out and around the house when friends and people stop by. He is always delighted to talk about trapping, rendezvous and nature things. The contact with friends and people that stop by has keep't him alive and going. The knowledge that he is still needed is giving him upswing every day. So if you are in the erea, or even close, stop by, say hi and have a chat. Both, ManySkunks and Jenaka will be delighted to see you and feed you.
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