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ManySkunks and Jenaka ( Kim and Jenaka Curtis) are living at the feet of the Shinnin' Mountains on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.They are both craft-peopel specializing in Buckskinners and Mountain Men crafts and accrutements. In 1999 Kim contracted a rare autoimmune disease (it is called Stills disease)and is not able to go on the Rendezvous circuit very often.


The Summer-Home
ManySkunks and Jenaka at Rendezvous

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We are also members of the 1838 Rendesvous Association in Riverton,Wyoming. If you like to visit their Webpage, please click here and you will get there!

Friends & things

some of the things we make

We always welcome your input, please stop and sign our guestbook, or write regular mail: Kim & Jenaka POB 8143, 803 BlueSky Hwy Ethete, Wyoming, 82520 Let us know what you think and what we maybe able to do better. Please always call us at before stopping by, we may be at Rendezvous and would hate to miss you: (307) 332-2312

More Of The Things We Make
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