Some New Light Shed...
      I'm hard at work in the Light Shed, so you'll have to show yourself around. Navigation is fairly simple.  Just click on any text link or the animations to venture elsewhere in the site.   Use your browser's BACK button to return to this front page.   If you see something that you wish to use on a personal page, please contact me for permission at  Use of these images for commercial purposes must be negotiated.  All images are original and copyrighted. I welcome comments on my work, as well as suggestions for subjects that you would like to see animated.  Most of these images were created using freeware called   POV-Ray.   It's a raytracing program that is only limited by your own imagination.

So relax and take a look around.  Come back real soon.  I add something new almost every week.  If you need something to do while waiting for this all to load, you can play with the sparklers. 

Gleeful Globe Just Say "NO"
BiohazardSheriff Walker Figure/Ground Halloween
Radioactive Cuckoo clock Woodpecker Badge
Drinking birdLighthouse Bike tricks Serpent
Firetruck Links Compass Skyline
Kokopeli Dominos Escheresque Tornado
Snake crossing Rainbows Rolling Pin School-o-Fish
JugglerCrystal Dreidel Snowfall
Eyes CD Lunar Phases Pyrotechnics
Soda cans Kayak Hearts Toucan
Flags Jesus Puzzle Windmill Rocking Horse
Old GloryAfterLife Russian Dolls Hula Gator
California StateInsomnia Globes Irish Jig
POW-MIA Xmas Xpress Fish Bone Snow Board
Rainbow Penguin Trinity Projection
Rebel Jelly Refuse Truck Splat
Nepal Chocolate Christmas Forest Gump
Pirate Toy Soldiers Sports Signs/Symbols
Don't Tread on Me Jellyfish Coin Spin Yin Yang
Union Jack Crown Castle Ice Skate
Small Flags Ducky Pumpjack Lord o' Rings
  Windmill 2 Rain Bad Washer

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