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Whose Line is it Anyway?

Hello my fellow whosers! This is Janet speaking...er, writing...whatever. Anyhow, yes...this is my dedication to the absolutely fabulous television show Whose Line is it Anyway?. I have become a very big fan over the past year and it has become one of my hobbies of sorts. This is my first real attempt at a webpage, so bear with me as I make changes and such. To start out with I have just put up some pictures and some of the best Whose Line is it Anyway? links that I have found along the way. These all have tremendous pictures, sounds, biographies, etc. about the show, British and American, and its contestants. Enjoy!

This page will be under construction constantly. I just began it as of August 30, 2000. I urge you to bookmark my site and come back later and see what else I have done. Thanks a lot!

Here are some really great links that I have found to be really helpful in my quest for Whose Line knowledge and guidence :)

A Great WLiiA site by Fer This Gal should be proud. Lots of great pics.

A GREAT Colin Mochrie site by RachelleOnce again, this Gal should be proud. So much great Colin information!

Just Four Guys Doin' Improv This is Cassy's site...it rocks my world! Great pics, transcripts, and lots more! GO THERE!!

The OFFICIAL Colin Mochrie site. Once again, great info, transcripts from chats with Colin, and more!

The OFFICIAL Greg Proops site. Lots of great information, and even notes from the great one himself!

My ICQ Whose Line is it Anyway? interest group! This is the interest group I have created in honor of my favorite show. Anyone can join! Come and check it out!

US Department of Monkeys. Yes, again, another official site. Brad Sherwood should be proud :)
The OFFICIAL Wayne Brady site. Wayne would be proud as well.
House of Stiles. A tribute to the tall guy...my boy, Ryan Stiles.
Huzlinefan Castle An awesome site by my buddy, huz. He has lots of great whoser stuff so check it out!
Deans Whose Line is it Anyway Page Now, if you are looking for episode transcripts to everyones favorite show, this site has an EXTENSIVE episode guide from both WLiiA? and DLiiA?. Also lots of other great facts about your favorite improvers. This is one of my top picks.
Mark Longmuirs site This site is, much like Deans, an extensive WLiiA? site. Lots of downloads, some show transcripts, and lots of other really awesome information. Check it out!
Tony Slattery fan pag
e A site dedicated to my favorite British actor, Tony Slattery. Here you will find a bio, pics, and lots more awesome info on this supertalented British star.
Contact Lis
t This is really great way to get in touch with other Whosers from all over the world.Really. Once again, one of my top picks.

A few months ago I wrote Greg Proops a letter. I told him that Whose Line has been an anti-depressant of sorts for me because of the very rough year I have been having. I praised him for his work and for indirectly helping me pull myself out of a rut. He was kind enough to respond with a very sweet letter and a picture. See the picture here.On July 28, 2000 I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a taping of Whose Line is it Anyway? in Los Angeles.I live in Ohio and we flew out a few days in advance to do some general sightseeing, but I was so impatient for the 28th to arrive. Anyway, we went to the taping, and the staff had set small sheets of paper on everyones seat that asked for suggestions for Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat, etc. Here is an example.

If you are at all interested in learning about this fabulous college gal, here is some stuff about me here.

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NOTE TO ALL!! Like I said, this is first attempt at a website. I have no intention of stealing away the prestige of anyone elses site...I just wanted to try this out for a little fun. I found these pictures all over the web, and honestly cannot remember where I got them. If you have a problem with the site, please just e mail me. I am but a poor college girl with no money to pay anyone if sued.

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