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Israel Tour Bible Studies


Welcome to the Israel Tour Bible Studies.  These free online bible studies explore Christianity in Jewish Prophecy and study the role of modern day Israel in Christian prophecy.

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Generally, Israel Tour Bible Studies cover prophecy and theology, such as Replacement Theology, the sacrificial law as it applies to Jesus, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and its relationship to 911.  Other topical Messianic bible studies discuss how the earthly tabernacle/temple of the Old Testament is a prophecy of both Heaven and the Gospel.

** A Letter to Palestinians **(posted 11/10/02)

Proverbs - How Solomon says to walk with Jesus  (Bible studies on the book of Proverbs)
    Part 1: Proverbs - Introduction and Outline (Posted 7/21/2002)
    Part 2: Proverbs - The Fear of the LORD (Posted 8/18/2002)
    Part 3: Proverbs - Attitude for Receiving Wisdom (Posted 9/30/2002)
    Part 4: Proverbs - Real Wisdom is Spiritual (Posted 1/24/2003)
     Part 5: Proverbs - The Benefits of Spiritual Wisdom (Posted 3/28/2003)

How does the Earthly Tabernacle Temple prophesy Heaven?  (Prophecy bible studies discussing the implements of the Tabernacle/Temple)
     Part 1: The Earthly models the Heavenly, not vice versa (Posted 2/3/2002)
Part 2: The Colors of the Tabernacle (Posted 2/22/2002)
Part 3: The Showbread (Posted 3/10/2002)
Part 4: The Golden Altar of Incense (Posted 3/24/2002)
Part 5: The Second Curtain and the Tablets (Posted 4/7/2002)
Part 6: The Manna (Posted 4/22/2002)
     Part 7: Aaron's Rod that Budded (Posted 5/13/2002)

     Part 8: The Contents of the Ark (Posted 5/28/2002)

     Part 9: The Mercy Seat of the Ark (Posted 6/15/2002)

     Part 10: The Earthly models the Heavenly (Conclusion) (Posted 7/3/2002)

Has the church replaced Israel as God's Chosen People until the Tribulation? (Theology bible studies refuting Replacement Theology)
Part 1: Refutation of Replacement Theology
Part 2: Israel's Role in the Plan of Salvation
Part 3: God's Hand on Israel Today

If the Church has adopted the Old Testament, then why does it decide to follow some Mosaic Laws and discard others?
(Theology bible studies about sacrificial Law and the Messiah)

Part 1: The First Sacrifices
Part 2: The Sacrificial Law
Part 3: How the Law is fulfilled
Part 4: Conclusion: How Christians should pick and choose the Mosaic Laws they Follow

What does scripture prophesy about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Palestinian peace process?
(Prophecy bible studies relating modern history to the end times and end time prophecy)

Part 1: Why Israel has not signed a covenant with Palestine
Part 2: Why has the Arab-Israeli conflict lasted so long
Part 3: When will Israel finally have peace? When will they sign a treaty?
Part 4: 911 and the Tribulation: Does America play a role in end-time prophecy? (Posted 2/22/2002)


It is always my hope to interpret scripture accurately. Where I err, please email me at israeltour@ yahoo.c om.

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