we go with the body.  I'll try to show it in cronological order as best I can.

1 and 2 show alittle of what the Camaro looked like when it was flatbedded to our new house.  You've all seen it before.  A closer look at picture 2 shows primer around the passenger floor.  That's because the floor pans were already replaced before I bought it.
3 shows what it looked like in the beginning of Summer 2002.  I had stripped most of the paint off the body and had begun stripping the doors.  I didn't get very far on the doors.  The roof has a little more paint to be taken off and the underside needs some more cleaning up.

Right Rear Quarter:
4 and 5 show the right rear quarter.  Both quarters had been replaced by a body shop sometime in the distant past.  They brazed them on, not welded.  It must have been quite some time ago.  They need to be replaced but .... maybe someday.  I want to drive it!
Look close at picture
4 and you'll see that there is NO hole for the side marker light.  It took me a while to notice this.  I peeked inside the trunk and there is still enough of the original quarter left that has the factory cutout for the lights.  I just drilled holes along it's edge, scribed lines on the panel and cut them out with a cut-off wheel.  The markers fit perfectly!

Dash Panel Replacement:
6 through 9 show the dash panel replacement.  NASTY!  That area had been repaired at one time in the past.  Very poorly too.  I thought I could repair where it had started to come apart but the deeper I dug.... well, you see what I found.
Time for a replacement!  I ground the area along the cowl clean and painted it with POR-15, stopping far enough back to allow me to weld the new panel on.  I doubt I needed to paint it but I had some handy so I did.  That was pretty easy.  Picture
8 and 9 show the new panel welded in.  I got the replacement dash panel from NPD and I was very happy with it's fit.
Body Shop continued
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