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A very warm welcome to Humbugs website!

My name is Alex and I live approx 30 miles West of London, UK.

As you can see I'm into bikes and The Black Crowes.

Here you will find some CD artwork sent to me by others, plus one designed by my wife Kate.
I've also included my list of live shows by The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin and others.

As of 5 Oct 2007 I moved to London. Much of my live show collection went into storage, with the exception of some Black Crowes studio material.

Masters (stuff I've taped) are still very much available.

B&Ps: Try me. If I'm not too busy, I'll help you out!

If you have any questions regarding live shows please email me at my address below.
None of the live recordings are for sale in any way, shape, or form (see "What is a B&P", below).
I use EAC to extract (corrected offset) and burn at 8x (the slowest my new burner will work at). If you're trading with me, please do the same.
Egg run 1999. From left: Sarah, Kathy, me, Kate
My list of live shows:

The Black Crowes
The Black Keys
The Darkness
Marc Ford Solo
Led Zeppelin
Other Artists A-F
Other Artists G-M
Other Artists N-Z
Masters (link to db.etree)
New: Marc Ford Setlist Page
My Further 1997 Jam setlist page
My Black Crowes Official Artwork Page 1990-1995
Bike Stuff
My Black Crowes Official Artwork Page 1996-2001
My Motorcycle page
My Black Crowes Live Artwork Page 1992-1995
My Black Browes Live Artwork Page 1996-2000 Pics of me Drag Racing at Santa Pod 2001/2002
My Black Crowes Live Artwork Page 2001-2002
HawkGT Message Board
Black Crowes in the studio artwork
Hawk/Bros Owners Network
Artwork by Antony: Thunder/ Quireboys etc
My local motorbike club
Roll your own Black Crowes
My Led Zeppelin Live Artwork Page
On Yer bike - Ducatis
Other cool Music Sites:
Other Cool Stuff
New Black Crowes messageboard
The Black Crowes (dot com)
Marty doing something incredible
The Black Crowes (dot net)
Covers 33 - good for CD cases
Click here for an update!
Good Led Zep artwork page
Some good / funny threads from .com
Shortcut to Crowesbase (setlists)
What is a B&P? Info here.
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