Purchasing a Betta

This page will contain buying bettas for breeding, show quality, and just buying good quality bettas.

Buying bettas for breeding:
When buying bettas for breeding, try to find the purest looking betta there. For instance, don't buy the betta that is the exact color you want if he has discoloration on his head or several discolored scales. Plus, bettas with any discoloration may pass that to his fry and won't win for you at any shows. They also should be a show quality betta, so look below. It is best to buy from good quality breeders.

Show Quality:
Show quality bettas should have no discolored scales. They also should have nice, big fins that are all one color unless it is butterfly, in which case, all of the colors must be as pure as possible. If it is a betta with one color for a body and one color for fins, the fins and body should be as pure as possible. This may be hard with the females. It is best to buy from good quality breeders.

Good Quality:
Don't buy a betta that seems to not be very vigorous. If the fish always has closed fins and swims alkwardly, he may be dying. This is often found in pet stores. A good quality betta, live and frisky, will usually have it's fins open and be swimming around.

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