Hello! I have recently been updating my page and I have just added this new feature of betta colors!

Opaque/White - Opaque, or white, is just as it sounds. It is a solid white betta. The example here is a fairly good one with a delta tail purchased from Elise Grant.

Extended red(or just 'red') - This betta here is a delta tailed extended bright red male that I also purchased from Elise Grant. Thanks Elise!!

Marbled betta - The examples here are turquoise/purple/pink/white marble brothers from my lines bred with Elise's. These two males were recently sold. The father was a crowntail bf(Elise) and the mother a delta marble(mine).

Yellow - These are very good 15 week old yellows. The male is from Rita's line and the female's mother is from Rita's line.

Black - The male on the left is a black melano veiltail that passed away about 1 month ago. Main

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