Chapter 23

Jessica heard the door shut and smiled to herself. He was standing there for what seemed like an eternity. She stood up and stretched, ready to go downstairs. Jessica quietly exited her bedroom, not knowing where Nick was. She walked down the carpeted stairs so quietly, a man with a sonic ear probably wouldn’t have been able to hear her. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and heard Nick singing. He was just singing something out of the blue, not a Backstreet song. She saw him walking around the kitchen, clinking pans with others pans, making quite a bit of noise. She laughed to herself, not wanting Nick to notice her right away. She looked out the back door she saw to the left of the staircase. The kitchen was to the right. She walked over to it and unlocked it. ‘I wonder if Nick likes hide and go seek’ she thought to herself. She opened it and went out. She knew her way around Nick’s large yard fairly well now, so she slammed it shut, hopefully grabbing Nick’s attention.

Nick heard the noise and his heart stopped. ‘Please don’t be another fan…’ he pleaded with himself.  He turned off the stove and walked over to the unlocked door and looked out it. No one was in sight. He thought about Jessica. He knew she liked to joke around, but could be serious when she needed to be serious. He ran up to her bedroom, just as he thought, Jessica wasn’t there. He walked back down the stairs, put on some sneakers and walked outside. There weren’t many places to hide in his yard. A large in ground pool with two waterfalls. Random palm trees decorated the perimeter of his yard. There was a gate, to his private beach, and from where he stood; it looked like it was unlocked. He walked over to it, inspecting it. The fence wasn’t that tall, but it did keep out weird fans. It was open. He walked onto his deck. He kept walking till he was on the beach. It was so beautiful. Thank God he didn’t take this life for granted. Nick didn’t hear Jessica sneak up behind him until he was on the ground and she was on top of him. “You trying to scare me now?” he asked, a smile playing on his face.  She gave him an innocent look, “now why would I do that?” He laughed and sat up, she was still on his lap. He looked her straight in the eyes, her eyes full of laughter. He got a serious look on his face and then told her, “there is honestly, no place in this entire universe I’d rather be right now…” She smiled at him, relishing in his wonderful, thoughtful, romantic words and then kissed him. He laid back down on the beach, letting her body cover his. This was truly a moment he’d never forget. Her hands were caressing his head while he moved his hands around her back and arms. When they pulled away from one another, the smiled. “That was probably the most romantic moment I’ve ever had in my life…” she said softly, her hands rested on his shoulders. He said back, breathlessly, “same here…” They laid there, next to one another, in the beach for a few more minutes, starring at the beautiful crystal clear ocean. Nick heard Jessica’s stomach rumbled, so he suggested they go out to eat, figuring his meal wasn’t coming along great to begin with. “Sounds good, but I get to pay this time!” Jessica said with a laugh as she ran up into Nick’s house. He watched her run back and smiled to himself. He had seriously never felt this way about a girl before, not even Willa or Tiffany, and he had been with each of them for two years. Thinking a girl he had known 6 days could make him so happy scared him a bit. But it was the good scary.
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