Chapter 22
The next few nights at Nick’s house, Jessica and Nick did a lot of activities. In the morning, they had breakfast together, no matter how late they slept till.  In the afternoon, they always had lunch together, no matter what their agendas involved. At night, they had dinner together. Usually dinner was the meal they stayed at Nick’s house for. Both weren’t that great of chefs, but enjoyed one another’s company, making the meal was all in all, wonderful.

“No, no, no!” Jessica said, laughing at Nick, who was trying to make lasagna. It was the fourth day she had been at Nick’s house and they were attempting to make dinner. Jessica was sitting on Nick’s white counter, in the kitchen, as she watched him attempt to make dinner for them. “The noodles go in first…” she said, hopping off the counter to help him. She reached over him to grab a long pasta noodle. “See…?” she asked him with a laugh, “Voilá, the first layer of our lasagna!” “Our lasagna…I like it…” he said as he pulled her close to him and kissed her. “Mmm” she moaned. “You like that?” he said, with a smile when he pulled her lips away from his. “Yup” she said, smiling. He smiled and kissed her again. He could kiss her forever. Jessica wasn’t like anyone he’d ever been with. Well…it’s not like he had ‘been with’ her yet. Nick was aware she was the type of girl that has to be in love to have her first intimate experience with real joy.  How badly he wanted to give his love to her.  It’d been 6 days since she came into his life. They spent one entire night telling one another about their past. The whole world knew almost everything about Nick’s childhood, but not too many knew Jessica’s. Sure she loved her family and her family wasn’t that small, but nobody listened to her stories, her feelings, her life like Nick did last night. She’d find some way to repay him for his undivided listening, which helped her solve some personal problems in one night.

“Good night, Nick” Jessica said. It was about 2am and they were both worn out. They argued over the remote of the television for an hour after dinner, but both settled on an HBO movie. The sat snuggled together for the two-hour movie and then talked some more. If their relationship was to take off and blossom, they’d understand one another better than most married couples would understand each other. “Night Jess” he said, giving her a small kiss on the lips. “See ya in a few hours” she said, smiling, as she entered her bedroom and shut the door. Nick smiled to himself. He liked, no loved being with Jessica. He’d usually spend one night, two at the most with one girl then leave, not even giving or getting a phone number or anything of the sort. Jessica was different, he knew it, and liked it. He walked over to his bedroom, took off his clothes and got into a pair of boxers and a simple Adidas shirt. Jessica, on the other side of a thin wall, was also getting changed. She put on a gray tank top and a pair of black and white striped pajama pants. “Comfy” she said, hopping into the extremely cozy bed. On the other side of the wall, Nick was also getting in his bed, “Comfy.” Both were looking for a good night’s sleep, but none was found when they both knew the person they both wanted most, was only one room away and unattainable. 

“Sam, I got a ticket to come down there for tomorrow. Can you pick me up at the airport tomorrow?” Scott asked Sam. “Yeah, no problem. What time does your plane get to Orlando?” Sam asked. Scott glanced around his ticket, “7:05.” “See you then” Sam said. They hung up with each other and Sam tried to get information as to where Nick’s house was in the Florida region.

Nick was awoke by the annoying ringing of his phone. “What the hell…” he said groggily as he looked at the caller ID. “Damn solicitors…” he mumbled. He rubbed the sleep out his eyes and looked at his clock, it was already 11am. He pondered whether he should get up or not. He thought that it’d be nice to be up before Jessica. ‘Maybe make her some breakfast…’ he thought. He stood up and stretched. Nick walked out of his bedroom, about to head downstairs when he realized Jessica was still asleep. He walked casually over to her bedroom door. Jessica had left her door open a crack each night for the last five nights. He opened it, without making a noise and leaned up against the side of the door -frame. Nick stood there, starring at Jessica. She was gorgeous. It suddenly hit Nick how lucky of a guy he had been for the last six days. Her dark brown hair spread out on her pillow. She was sleeping peacefully. Knowing that make Nick want her more. She was so innocent, but not naïve. She was special, and he already knew it. After a few more minutes of looking at his eye-candy, Jessica started to stir, so Nick quietly shut the door and went downstairs, with all intentions of bringing her breakfast.
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