Chapter 16
. “I’d tell you that you’re just as hot” he said, not loosing eye contact. “What would you do if I said no?” she asked. “This” he said as he picked her up and threw her over his left shoulder. “Nickolas Cupcake, you put me down this very second!” Jessica said, trying not to laugh, but no succeeding. Nick started walking towards the dock, smiling and laughing at Jessica. She didn’t want to cause a commotion, but Nick was asking for it. She remembered that his neck was very ticklish, but by the time she knew her plan of attack, they were already boarded on the fairy. The tips of her fingernails lightly grazed his neck area, causing him to laugh. Finally he set her down on the deck of the boat. “Wow, Nick, I’m surprised that only about eight people recognized you today” Jessica said with a laugh, leaning up against the railing on the side of the boat. ‘Why am I thinking this way about Jessie?’ Nick asked himself when he thought about himself and Jessica alone in his huge house. Let’s just say his thoughts were more of the X-rated kind. “And why are you surprised?” Nick asked, raising an eyebrow, “I had a good disguise and we work good together.” ‘I’d like to work with you more if I get to make out with you like that again’ Jessica thought to herself, then mentally smacking herself. She had a boyfriend who loved her, or at least she thought so. What was she thinking, Nick would never find her attractive and even consider asking her out, even on a measly date, or so she thought again. “Yeah, we did do good today, huh?” Jessica asked with a smile. ‘Every time she smiles like that, I just want her more’ Nick thought. “We did very good,” Nick said, getting closer to her. Eye contact remained with them. “How are we going to tell Sam?” Jessica said, as Nick continued to get closer to her, almost within a breath of each other’s faces. “What should we tell her?” Nick said, his breath was now hitting Jessica’s face. That’s how close they were. He was looking down at her, into her eyes. Nick tried to stop himself from what he did next, but he couldn’t stop to save his life. His fingers traced the outline of her face, yet their eye contact remained constant. “Nick…” Jessica whispered. “Shh…” he whispered back as his head lowered, and his lips met hers. The kiss wasn’t like anything she had ever felt before. It was magic. The way Nick’s tongue parted her teeth so sweetly, as if she could object if she didn’t want this. But she did want this, so she allowed Nick to kiss her like this. His hands made their way down her back and rested on the small of her back. Jessica raised her arms, putting them around Nick’s neck. After a moment or two, Nick and Jessica were both enjoying the kiss very much, but Jessica’s conscience nipped at her from the back of her brain. She hesitantly pulled away from Nick, just as the fairy docked. “What’s wrong?” Nick asked, his face full of concern. Jessica looked at his face, seeing him unhappy was not helping Jessica in this situation. She gave him an innocent, puppy dog kind of face, “I’m really sorry Nick, but I have this feeling about Scott…it’s not good and it’s not bad, but…I would hate him forever if he ever did something like this to me…” Jessica said quietly, as everyone around them headed towards the exits of the boat. They bricked there, allowing them to be the last people off in a few moments. Nick looked at the ground, taking his hands off of her body, “I’m…I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean-” Jessica stopped him from saying something she would hate coming from him by placing her index finger over his lips. Nick looked back down at her, “let’s go back to the hotel.”

The entire ride back to the hotel was silent. Jessica wanted to say something so bad. Something along the lines of ‘Nick, if you wouldn’t mind sometime, would you care to have wild, passionate sex with me?’ Little did Jessica know, Nick was thinking almost the same exact same thing, but his mind kept reminding him she was still only 17 years old. God, he could drink and vote and she couldn’t even do half of the things he loved doing. But God help him, he wanted Jessica so bad. Not entirely in a sexual way, but he loved the way she was around him. It was almost as if she treated him as a normal human being. And he loved it.
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