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Vilkom at Helvmark! Welcome to Helvmark!


Welcome to the homepage of The Royal Government of Helvmark!  This site is designed to give you a flavour of what Helvmark is about - it's history, culture, businesses and so on.  This page is continually under development so check it out regularly so you don't miss anything.  On behalf of all the people in Helvmark - Welcome and enjoy your visit!

Per Lindardsson, Prime Minister of Helvmark.

Vilkom at det hjemsid af Helvmarks Kongelig Rinjering!  Den st vren gedesn givere dg et id af hvad Helvmark vren - dets histori, kultur, handelir, etc.  Den sid opdaten regelmsigt, s tjek det ofte s dik ikeoverseen nogen.  P ens vegne af det Helvmarksfolkir - Vilkom og nyden diks visit!

Per Linardsson, Helvmarks Premier Minister.


Full Name The Royal Kingdom of Helvmark

Det Kongerige Af Helvmark

Population 7,260,000
Capital City Helvdovi
Major Languages Helvish, English
Major Religion Christianity
Life Expectancy 76 years (men), 80 years (women)
Monetary Unit 1 Euro = 100 cents
Main exports Machinery, Foodstuffs, Plastics
GNI per capita US $49,445
Internet domain .hv
Date Format Year/Month/Day


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Helvmark is an imaginary country created by me, Phillip Darlington, as a personal hobby!  Feel free to have a look around to see if Helvmark would be the country for you!

The language is a mix of Danish, Swedish, English and Icelandic.  Helvmark is a Scandinavian based country due to my fascination with that area.

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Send mail to phillip.darlington@tesco.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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