My name is Tammy and I am the oldest out of seven wonderful brothers and sisters. I am married with (2) girls and a wonderful husband Andy. My mom is the most amazing person you can know. She has raised us as a single parent, and guided us to be the respectful adults we have become today. I am full of respect for all my mother has done and given up for us, my life has been blessed for all that my mother has shared and the relationship that I have with her, she has always been there for me and has never complained. She has taught me so much and I always look up to her for guidance hoping that I can endow her strength and charisma. She has been there for the birth of my 2 beautiful girls Marla (3) & Marissa (2mths).

She has always been there guiding me through the painful times and has always made the bad things always seem like they are nothing at all. The anger and fear that I have, is can I be as strong as she knows the battle she has. Her strength is amazing and I admire her for that. I fear that the anger I have is because I want to show her that I have learned from her but how can I take away the pain & fear she may be feeling like she has always done for me.

My heart is filled with anger and fear and that I have to struggle and yet I feel complete love and respect when I see and talk to my mother. I have to learn to be brave and keep my faith for my mother’s sake knowing I have the questions on why GOD needs her more than us. My daughter Marla always says to me “Can I kiss it and make it feel better” and that changes things for me I just wish I could do the same for my mom who has given it all for her children. I pray I can be as strong as my mother, as my mother has been for all her children.

I only wish the world could feel the love she has and understand that pain that we feel and know but this is not the type of pain we wish upon anyone.

©Copyright 2004 Tammy M.


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