Some of these links may not be specific to pancreatic cancer but I feel they deserved to be mentioned. Also some may be the same information, I just felt I should mention them all because some things may be a little easier to understand. Finding specific information for pancreatic cancer is very hard and tiring but as soon as I find things worth mentioning I will make sure to list them. has helped me understand pancreatic cancer a little better.

Pancreatica has a bunch of helpful links. is the first national patient advocacy organization for the pancreatic cancer community. this site is loaded with a lot of helpful links, especially ones for financial needs.

Cancer tutor is a new site I found about graviola, thanks to a guest book entry I have now started researching this. From what I can see there's not a lot of information that I can find But I won't give up I will make sure if I can find a more helpful link then this one I will list it also.

Recently as you could imagine I have been reading a lot about cancer stories, and family experiences and I came across this. It's been about an hour since I have read it and I am still crying because I don't think I could put myself in this position. I wanted to share this because it touched my heart. Colleen's Choice

It's always a nice encouragement to hear about Survivors.

Pancreatic cancer alliance supporting the efforts of the medical and research communities as well as patients and their loved ones in the battle against pancreatic cancer.

Angel Flight America provides flights for patients and families to hospitals for medical treatments, free of charge.



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