Hello, my name is Diane Coleman and I am the daughter of Carol Crewonis. I am the second oldest, and a twin. My family and I live in Bedford, Ohio.

I was the first child in my family to get married and I had the first grandchild. I have a loving husband, Preston; and two great boys, Preston Jr and Joshua. My oldest son is Preston Jr and 14, and my second son Joshua is 11 years old. I have been married for 15 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Iím writing this letter today because over the summer we got some really bad news about my mother Carol.

My mother went to the doctor and got a lot of tests taken and when all was said and done, my mother was told she had cancer of the liver and pancreas, stage 4.

I remember that Thursday night, my world just stopped and I cried for hours. From that day on I have recalled a lot of my growing up with my sisters and brothers. My sisters are Tammy, my twin Debbie, Barb and Geri, and my brothers are Bill and JR. I remember breaking my right arm and my mom caring for me and taking away the pain. I wish now I can take her pain away. My mom now has to go to chemotherapy, which makes her sick for 2 Ė 3 days afterwards. I wish I could take away her pain and get rid of her cancer. I wish I could make sure she never has to suffer again.

Sometimes when Iím alone my mind looks ahead and I see my family without our mother and it hurts my heart and I canít imagine not having her here to talk to or call when something is wrong with my children. I feel sad thinking about my other sisters and brothers not going to have her here to ask those questions to her. Life is not fair and some people do not think about that. Some people use their parents for the wrong reasons in life and do not see that one day their parents will be gone also. I watch other people who do not care about their parents and talk about them, wanting to make them understand how hard it is to actually know you are going to lose them forever.

Sometimes the only way for people to understand the pain is to live through it. But this pain isnít something we want other people to know.

©Copyright 2004 Diane C.


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