For school my oldest son Nathan had to do a biography, he chose to do his on Carol, his grandma. He worked very hard on this, we used a lot of the pictures that are on the website so I'm going to leave them out and just put in parenthesis which one was supposed to be there.

About the author...

My name is Nathan C. I like to play army, ride bikes and bake. I like cookies, candy, and steak. I have 26 people in my family, 15 adults and 11 kids and one on the way. I donít like school that much, but I like math a lot. I donít like the dark, or places like closets because Iím claustrophobic. I have asthma and Iím allergic to cats and dust, and Iím also color blind.

(picture of Bill, Christie, Nathan, Danielle and Ronni)

Dedication Page...

Iím dedicating this biography to my Grandma Carol because she has cancer, and she isnít going to be around forever. She is also a good Grandma, and bakes really good nutrolls. I look up to my grandma because she is strong for fighting cancer and not giving up. I always pray for her that her cancer will go away.

(picture of Carol all dolled up)

My Grandma Carol
By Nathan C. 10-25-04

(Carolís Mom on her wedding day)

Carol was born October 24, 1943 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents names were Leo and Carrie, she was named after her mom. They lived in Cleveland on Melzer Avenue along with her sister Laverne.

(Carolís Dad in uniform)

Carolís mom died while she was only seven years old. Her dad had remarried after that. Carol was like any normal child while growing up, she had to clean her room and do the dishes everyday. She had very strict rules while growing up, but that never stopped her from being a kid. She enjoyed regular childhood games like sewing, painting, and most of all playing. Laverne and Carol used to play hide and go seek in the basement in the coal bin. Her dad wasnít to happy with that because of course they would make a mess from the soot that was left on there clothes. Her grandma owned a bakery in the Slavic Village and Carol enjoyed spending time playing in the back of the bakery.

(Laverne and Carol (pink and yellow dresses)

Carol and her sister went to school at Holy family, itís a Catholic school. She wore a blue and green pleated skirt and a vest everyday to school. The teachers were very mean, if they forgot their pencil the teachers would smack their knuckles with a ruler and they even spanked kids back then.

(pictures on the horse)

These pictures are of Carol and her sister, back then a guy came to their house with a horse to take your picture on it.

When Carol grew up she had to start working, her first job was at Jack and Heins she was a waitress and she was paid $4.25 an hour. She also worked at a donut shop at nights filling the donuts with jelly and she made $2.25 an hour. Carol learned how to drive in the 1950ís, her first car was a ford and she drove 50 mph.

She remembers one trip she went on, it was to Niagra Falls with her Uncle John. He was trying to beat the train over the train track, they barely made it over before the train went speeding by. She had a lot of fun on that trip.

(Picture of Uncle John)

(Picture of Laverne as a young woman)

Carol became a young adult and that is when she met Bill her first husband.

(picture of Carol as a young woman)

They had four kids together. Their children are Tammy she is now married to Andy and has two girls of their own Marla and Marissa. The first set of twins Debbie who is now married to Doug and they have two kids Travis and Sean and the other twin Diane who is married to Preston and has two kids Preston Jr. and Josh. Her last child by Bill was Bill Jr. who is also married to Christie (my mom) and has three kids Danielle, Ronni, and me. Carol and Bill were married for a long time but they finally got divorced

Carol then remarried to Al and had three more kids. The second set of twins Barb who is getting married to Drew and they have a baby on the way, and Gerry who is married to Donnie with two kids Tianna and Donald.

(picture of Barb, Gerry and Carol when the girls were young)

Then came Carolís last kid Albert Jr. he is not married but has a girlfriend named Lisa theyíve been dating for a long time. They lived in Oakwood Village on Pettibone Rd. for a long time.

As with all families they had their share of ups and downs but never once stopped being a family, those ups and downs I think made them better people and a strong family.

(Tammy's grad picture)

Years later Al and Carol got divorced, Carol had to take the responsibility of raising seven kids on her own. It made times difficult for her, but my grandma is a very strong woman and raised seven kids to be very good adults.

(Barb and Gerry's grad picture)

My Grandma Carol lived through a lot of hard times, she never gave up once and it made her stronger for the next battle that was ahead.

Carol worked at Anna Maria nursing home for 15 years, she enjoys taking care of people and she misses it a lot, she canít work anymore because she has stage 4 pancreas cancer, the doctor said she would have six months to live, but I hope she has longer. She has to go to chemotherapy every week on Thursdays, she also gets a shot to help her white blood cells every week. My grandma has been in the hospital a lot since she has gotten cancer. Since my grandma has gotten cancer she said her favorite things to do now are live her day to their fullest, spend time with her family and spend time with her puppy, comet. I will always remember my grandmaís baking because itís awesome, she bakes the best nut rolls and kalachkeís, I like helping her bake a lot.

(Carol and Nathan dancing) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This was his last page in his biography


My mom is an amazing person. She raised us as a single parent, and still guided us unharmed through every storm we encountered.

I remember breaking my right arm and my mom caring for me and taking away the pain. I wish now I can take her pain away. My mom now has to go to chemotherapy, which makes her sick for 2 Ė 3 days afterwards. I wish I could take away her pain and get rid of her cancer. I wish I could make sure she never has to suffer again.

But while I was growing up, people would say that we were poor. But I thought I was the richest girl alive because of the love my mom gave us.

She has raised us as a single parent, and guided us to be the respectful adults we have become today.

My mom was diagnosed with stage four terminal pancreatic and liver cancer, and after the initial shock set in and after the emotional over load subsided the feelings and memories just started pouring into my mind, like god was saying ďyouíre going to remember everything including your motherĒ.

©Copyright 2004 Nathan C.

He got a 95% on this, 5% off because I didn't correct all his punctuation mistakes.


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