Welcome to MiniFigWorld, the official site for the town of Knocksville. Our town is only small but full of character, with wonderful people and all the public conveniences you could want, if you come to stay at the Hollinger hotel you might find it hard to leave.

I've now got a digital camera so watch out for some newly posted images comming soon.
New FireCo office added to the Carser City page .
History of Knocksville completed and moved here.
New Carser City page added to the models section. LL918 Train Engine and Carser City McDonalds added.
More added to History of Knocksville and LDraw downloaded so look out for some CAD models soon.
History of Knocksville started, pictures of Knocksville Town-Era 1 and The Beach added, disclaimer page and new title image added.
Models and Archive pages added ( nothing on them as yet, but it's comming along well.)

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