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The Nitrogen Cycle
    The Nitrogen Cycle is started when fish produce waste, also known as ammonia. This is toxic to the fish and needs to be removed. It is removed when bacteria grow in the aquarium that eats the ammonia. The waste they give off is Nitrite. This is also some what harmful to the fish and also needs to be removed. Another type of bacteria grows in the aquarium that eats the Nitrite and the by product from them is Nitrate. This is where the cycle stops. There is no bacteria that eats Nitrate so it is up to the fish keeper to change the water in order to remove the Nitrate. Nitrate is toxic in high levels. So when you first start a tank and the cycle is just beginning it does hurt and possibly kill the fish you are cycling with, so that is why people use things like feeder goldfish to cycle their tank. But that is actually the MEAN way to cycle a tank! You should not have to hurt fish to cycle a tank! The best way is to get a filter sponge that is "seeded" (or has bacteria already on it) from another tank.
Q: So how often would you say you need to change the water?
A: You should change about 20% every week.
Q: How many fish can I put in my tank?
A: A good rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water.
Q: How much will setting up a freshwater tank cost me?
A: It depends on the size of the tank. But for a 20 gallon tank all of it would cost $100 to $200.
Q: What should I feed my fish?
A: First of all I'll start by saying that fish need a variety of foods. Just think what would happen to you if you ate pizza every day of your life! Number one you would get tired of it. Also you become malnourished. It depending on the type of fish you have. They could be carnivorous, omnivorous, or herbivorous. Carnivores need meaty foods such as blood worms and tropical flakes. Omnivores need both meaty and green foods. Such green foods are spirulina flakes. Finally herbivores need green foods. Even though  carnivores need mostly meaty food they also need green foods every once in a while. The same applies to herbivores.
I love fish and seeing the end of the project is very fulfilling. So go on out and get a little slice of nature to go in your home! But make sure you do your homework (research) first:)
Thanks for your help Brittney.
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