Hey everyone! Thanx for stopping by:) I am a 16 year old guy, I live in the USA, and I love to keep fish. I have 7 fish tanks right now. This site will be focused on fish information. But I also like Asian theme decorating, zen, Japanese and Chinese things. So I'll be doing some things with that like showing you all some pics of my room. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to tell me what you think in my Guestbook!
I added my tank pictures to the My Tanks section! Check them out!
HEY Everyone!! I finally got a forum! Now you all can post me messages and talk! YA! Check it out! Forum
1-11-03 I did a big update to the site and moved some things. As well as added some new things:)
Website first created:
1-12-03 Another Update and I am now a member of several fish webrings!

1-22-03 New Feng Shui section added
2-9-03 I am setting up a dwarf African Cichlid tank and I made a new section just for them.
2-10-03 I did some updates. There are new pictures in the My Asian Room and My Tanks 2 sections. I also added the Begginers Corner!
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2-18-03 I added some more pics in My Asian Room secton and put up the new pic of my puffer tank in the My Tanks 2 section
Huge stand project
The Family Pond
75 gallon Discus
40 gallon Tanganika
29 gallon Tetra
10 gallon NANO-REEF
Do you wonder?
12-07-03 WOW! It's about time I did some updating LOL...anyway, I updated a bunch of pages...check them out. My website is a year and one day old today!
Jammin Fish
20 gallon Cichlid
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