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It is impossible to list all the sites that interest me, so I'l concentrate on the main ones, mainly discussion sites and groups.

If you put a link to my pages on your site, or just find a site with a link to me, please let me know, and I'l gladly build a return link.
Discussion Sites and Groups

Possibly the most complete discussion site on all wargaming related subjects:
The Miniatures Page

Good info and a nice atmosphere:
The Wargames Directory

Especially good if you want to know more about new figures, and often those still under developement:
Frothers Unite!

Very nice looking site:
Dungeon Crawlers

Give your vote on the work of painters on:
Cool Mini or Not

Lots of info, mainly free, on all aspects of our hobby:
Miniature Wargaming

Yahoo! - groups

Tips , tricks and conversions for home cast figures:
Prince August Moulds

Gaming with 1/72 plastic figures:

Even more inspiration for terrain builders:

When you are looking for flags for your period:

Miniature wargames in general:

Dutch Language

The Heavy Brigade
Other Sites of great interest to me

Beautifull site on one of the best known Medieval battles:
My Battle of Hastings (1066)

The role model for all gamers:
Larry Leadhead

Everything about all 1/72 plastic soldiers:
Plastic Soldier Review

The cheapest and in Gungier's view most fun way to put together a lead army:
Prince August
Paper Models

Gungnir has designed many paper models, they can be found at, in the Files-Downloads section, under both Member Created Accessories and some of the Miniatures in Paper projects. Check out my blog at that site to see what I'm up to!

A nice community, and more downloads than you can imagine:

Very friendly group, with as a main feature the bi-monthly Miniatures in Paper projects.
Brabantini Yahoo! - group

A true avalange of information on paper modelling:
Paper Models
Gungnir's Model Railroad projects:

Gungnir's large scale trains.
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