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Beverley is a town with charm and natural history. Whilst the town still boasts many of its original historical landmarks, it also mixes well with the present way of life. There are plenty of shops to browse. You will find everything from familiar high street names to more speciality shops catering for everything from aromatheraphy to arts and crafts. Below are some images of various places of interest you may like to visit whilst staying in this appealing town.
The Minster is Beverley's most famous landmark. It was founded around 705. The current building dates back to 1220 as the original was destroyed by fire in 1188. Saint John of Beverley retired here in the 7th century. One of his famous works include restoring speech to a deaf boy. St John is known as Patron Saint of the deaf and mute.
The Minsters Choir Chamber looking east
Norman Font. This dates from the 12th Century.
TheTomb of Lady Idonea Percy dating from 1365
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BeverleyTown centre
The Market
North Bar
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