(aka Tropical's HOPE)

Here you will see pics of Hope since the day she was born. She was born on January 9, 2001. She is my newest addition to my wonderful golden retriever family. I purchased Hope from a dear friend of mine who is also a breeder. She has some gorgeous goldens!! Hope is my little Michigan girl. I can not imagine life without her already.

Hope is out of Eberly Tug Boat Annie "TUG" and Can Ch. Meadowpond English Timber "E.T."

Pictures of the whole litter the day they were born.

Pictures of the puppies when they were a week old.

I had a hard decision as to whether I wanted pink or purple girl. Well, in the end I decided on pink girl. Of course, Gay knew what I wanted in a puppy and she helped me make my decision. Here are two pics of pink girl at 1 1/2 weeks old.

These two pictures are of Hope when she was one month old.

Of course, one of the first things Hope got to do once we got her back to Florida was eat a frosty paw. She sure does love them.

Here is Hope playing ball with Ashlee.

Here Hope is 10-11 weeks old. The first picture is of Hope wearing her first bandana. Her Auntie Lynne came to see her and brought it for her. The last picture is of Hope wearing a birthday hat because her older sister (Heidi) was having her 2nd birthday.

The pictures below are of Hope now. She is growing so fast. Now she is at the stage where she is all legs. Enjoy the pictures and please come back often to see my Little Hope growing up!!

Here is Hope at 8 months of age. She sure is turning out to be one gorgeous girl! She has such a wonderful golden personality.

Hope got a snuggle puppie when she was a little puppy and she still loves that "baby so much. Check out the pics of her suckling it!!

Hope has been shown in several AKC and International Shows and she does very well. She has several first place wins. She is now also an International Champion. Here are two pics of her taken at various International Shows.

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