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The Basics: My name is Brian. I am a reasonable attractive middle aged man and I have recently turned forty (40). I live and work in the New Tampa area, but consider all of Central Florida to be my stomping ground. I am a political centrist since neither of the two viable political parties actually represents my value system, and to be honest both right wing and left wing extremists offend me. I regularly attend religious services but have changed religions twice in recent years. I have a doctorate (Ph.D.) but work in education and hence am overworked and underpaid. I try to live within my means and in a socially responsible manner. I reject conspicuous consumerism and the cult of celebrity. I am a bit straight laced and clean liver; hence I am drug and disease free. I am basically middle class, and a bit too conventional for the urban gay culture. I like who I am, and donít intend to change much in the immediate future.

Favorite Things: Books & Bookstores; Campy Science Fiction & Horror Movies; Coffee (from simple black coffee to the mochas and lattes sold in bookstores and Starbucks); Computers; Dogs; Fishing; Music (Alternative, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Classical, The Cure, Dave Matthews Band, The Doors, The Eagles, Eighties/New Wave, Elvis, Enya, Genesis, James Taylor, Matchbox Twenty, Phil Collins, Queen, Some Country, Sting/The Police).

Social and Romantic Inclinations: At this time I am more interested in friends than in romance. I would like to make friends with adults who have interesting things to say, and who will be happy to "hang out" and do things together. I am still looking for my soul-mate, but there is no sense of urgency at this point in time. It is better to be alone than in a dysfunctional or abusive relationship. If youíre single, compatible, and interested then please drop me a note.

I don't "hookup" or exchange "dirty pictures", so please don't ask.

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