About Me.


On the other side of the mountains is the sub-tropical rainforests of the West Coast. It is the natural beauty of this landscape that has drawn me to want to model it in n-gauge form as a backdrop to my model train hobby.

My other main hobby is investigating the wonderful creative world of computing.

My name is Fred King and I live in Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand.

I have a brother, married sister and mother in our family - and three cats.



Thanks to...

 my mum!


We live in a quiet street in a pleasant part of Linwood, Christchurch, close to a local shopping centre.

Christchurch is located at the coast of a large plain on the Eastern coast of the South Island, just a couple of hours from some of the best skiing mountains in the world.

We have three cats and three digital fish!




Anything is possible!

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