Midsomer County
Where even a cauldron of soup can have fatal consequences...


Midsomer is a fictional county in the south of England, where it's quiet villages are disturbed frequently by brutal murders. There are a number of these villages scattered throughout the area, as listed below. Clicking a name will take you to a page with information about the episodes that were set - and murders that were committed - in that particular town.

Aspern Tallow
Badger's Drift
Ferne Basset
Fletcher's Cross
Goodman's Land
Lower Warden
Malham Bridge
Martyr Warren
Midsomer Deverell
Midsomer Florey
Midsomer Malham
Midsomer Mallow
Midsomer Market
Midsomer Parva
Midsomer St. Michael
Midsomer Wellow
Midsomer Worthy
Morton Fendle
Newton Magna
Upper Warden

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