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Flying Liquor Bottle Ranch

(Actually, a modest Southern California back yard garden, near the Pacific Ocean)


        "It would be an anomaly to find a student of nature addicted to the vices that cast so many dark shadows on our social life...."

                Shirley Hibbered, 1856, quoted in "The Penguin Book of Garden Writing" (1996)


        "[An orchid hunter] wrote in his diary that the most important supplies he [carried] were his 'knives, cutlasses, revolvers, daggers, rifles, pistols, and a year's worth of tobacco.'"

                Albert Millican in 1891, quoted by Susan Orlean in "The Orchid Thief," (1998)


        "Nature, as we know her, is no saint."

                Ralph Waldo Emmerson,"Behavior," The Conduct of Life, 1860



The pages below have information on growing, and propagating, the plants listed.


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