SPWW2 is a tactical-level wargame that covers the World War II era from the Japanese invasion of China in 1930 to the beginning of the Cold War in 1949.  The full game can be downloaded for FREE from Shrapnel Games.
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The World at War 1939-45
WWII in Europe
British Airborne Forces, 1940-45
Maps of World War II
Tanks of World War II
World War II Vehicles
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Kursk: July 1943

winSPWW2 comes with a range of pre-made campaigns and scenarios.  There is also a scenario editor that enables players to create their own scenarios.

The game's battle generator (
pictured here) can be used to create random battles from most of the campaigns during the Second World War.  I have compiled a list of suggested random battles on my SPWW2 random battles page.


There is a forum for winSPWW2 at
Shrapnel Games.  It can be used to discuss the game, find opponents and obtain technical support.
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Poles at Monte Cassino
Normandy 1944
Battle Generator
Desert Rats
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Norway 1940
WWII eyewitness accounts
Surviving Tiger Tanks
Surviving Panther Tanks
Surviving Hetzers and G3s
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British Artillery in WW2
The Generals of WWII
The Poles in WW2
Imperial Japanese Army Page
The Battle of Huertgen Forest
Remember September '44
The Romanian Armed Forces
Die Gebirgstruppen
The St Nazaire Society
The Battle for Stalingrad
The Winter War, 1939-40
Feldgrau: German Armed Forces
Finnish Army WWII
Rob's Panther Page
Warsaw Uprising 1944
Canada in WWII
Achtung Panzer!
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