winSPMBT is a new tactical-level wargame that covers conflict during the modern era - from the start of the Cold War in 1946 right up until the near future (2020).  The full game can be downloaded for FREE from Shrapnel Games.
Links to Resources
Eleven-Bravo (Vietnam resources)
Battlefield: Vietnam
The First Gulf War
Forces of the Korean War

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winSPMBT comes with a range of pre-made scenarios.  There is also a scenario editor that enables players to create their own scenarios.  Many of these player-designed scenarios can be downloaded from the
Wargamer's Games Depot.

The game's battle generator
(pictured here) can be used to generate random battles from most of the world's conflicts since 1945.  I have compiled a list of historical and hypothetical random battle scenarios on my winSPMBT random battles page.


There is a forum for winSPMBT at
Shrapnel Games.  It can be used to discuss the game, find opponents and obtain technical support.
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The Middle East
Battle Generator
Gulf War
The First Indochina War
Korean War Photo-Documentary
Britain's Small Wars 1945-2001
Leopard 2
The 1956 Sinai War
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Jane's Defence Information
Modern Firearms and Ammunition
The Selous Scouts
Gamedias:  Wargames News and Links.
Download (pdf file)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain (A book about the Soviet-Afghan War)
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