Dragoon is a hex-based wargame that features the battles of Frederick the Great (including Leuthen, Liegnitz, Torgau and Zorndorf).  Originally developed by Boku Strategy Games in 1998 this Windows-based game can now be downloaded for FREE.

Dragoon - The full game.  From the
Home of the Underdogs.

An additional scenario (The Battle of Liegnitz, 1760).  Available here.

Alternative games sounds (Muskets, artillery etc).  Available

Alternative game music by Frederick the Great's court composer, C.P.E. Bach (1714-88).  Available
Dragoon:  The Complete Battles of Frederick the Great

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Dragoon comes with 25 ready-made scenarios.  They cover historic battles such as Kolin,  Kunersdorf, Leuthen, Mollwitz, Prague, Soor, Torgau and Zorndorf.  There is also a Scenario Maker that gives you the freedom to design your own scenarios.
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The Battle of Zorndorf
The Battle of Hohenfriedberg
The Battle of Kunersdorf
The Battle of Liegnitz
The Battle of Mollwitz
Prussian infantry
Download this free game from the Home of the Underdogs!
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