Welcome to Fallen Star Stables!!

Welcome! You have reached Fallen Star Stables home to my one of a kind model horse costumes and tack.

Please use the links on your left to check out my Show Halters and Native American Regalia reproductions for model horses.

Recently Finished:

My newest Western stock show halter, featuring Rio Rondo etched plates, 5 working buckles w/tongues, a rolled throatlatch and 11 red swarovski crystals!! Also matching leadline w/swarovski crystal!

Sioux Woman Ceremonial Regalia

Cheyenne Womans Ceremonial Regalia

Crow Warrior Ceremonial Regalia


A new Western Show halter done in black leather with blue Swarovski crystals

Here's a sneak peek of my newest Traditional size costume

A new Stablemate size Plains Indian Warrior costume


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