Welcome to Hollywood Dollz Cast Party!  There are quite a few NEW addtions!  I have a new feature coming soon!  It's called Karma Calling. . . I'll leave it up to you to imagine for now!  I've been busy busy busy at work on dollz to enter in contests and such!  I finally decided to update. . .so I hope you like my dollz!  Some of them have taken up to 4 hours to make. . . I'm soooo slow! :)  Well, as always, you can adopt them.  Base Credits are in the Credits (no kidding) section.  Mystic & Bondchick, you're credit is still to be added.
This is my new signature:
Red Carpet Premieres
Star Studded Styles
Cable T.V. Dolls
It's totally not necessary, but if you adopt one of my dollz, you can link back to me with this thrify little adoption banner. 
From Top. . . Left to Right:
*Fishnet Queen (Base by Mystic)
*Fire Fairy Karma (Base by Mystic)
*Au Natural Karma (Base by Mystic)
*Glam Karma (Base by Trinity, Inspired by Hollywood Cast Party Barbie)
*Golden Memory (Base by Trinity)
*Fairybell Karma (Base by Mystic)
*Cool Entrance (Base by Trinity, Inspired by Hollywood Screening Barbie)
*Innocent Karma (Base by Mystic)
*Moonlight of Death (Base by Bondchick)
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